Three tips and a warning

Recently I wrote the YA version of one of Jared Diamond’s books. It was the first long project I’d begun in Scrivener. I’d imported a couple of WIPs into Scrivener, but starting a manuscript from the ground up in the program gave me new insights into its usefulness.

I also made a Scrivener mistake I’ll never make again.

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Automatic Remote Backups in Scrivener

Whether you write fiction or non-fiction, short articles or full-length books, casual or academic, Scrivener is easily the best tool on the market. It’s simple to get started with, smartly-designed, and extremely robust. I use it for everything: outlining and drafting, short stories and novels, even articles for this website.

Since I’ve recently made a career transition whereby I’m now making my living with my writing, it’s become important to ensure the data security of that writing. And there’s a simple trick with Scrivener that makes this process painless, invisible, and foolproof.

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Scapple makes it easy to layout ideas visually

Literature and Latte’s newest application for OS X is called Scapple, and it’s now available for download. It’s a really helpful utility for visually-oriented users who want to get some ideas down but might feel hampered by traditional outlining tools and text editors that enforce some sort of linear structure.

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The Scrivener MA

One of the things about an MA is the amount of writing required, as you may already know. It’s funny, but if I had thought about how I could write my way through school instead of sitting exams, I’d have done this much sooner. I’ve been writing in one way or another my whole life, so this degree seems like the natural progression of things, and at the right time in my career. With all the writing, however, comes the large amount of research and planning that is necessary for each document. And keeping track of the research, quotes and references, and academic journal articles is a large part of the task. I’ve always liked to plan out my writing in advance, and this is no exception.

A huge part of my workflow has been using the writing software Scrivener. I can’t say enough good things about it.

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