Best Writing Tool in the Author Utility Belt

Today we’re going to talk about a writing tool that changed the way I write (and maybe even my life):

SCRIVENER (!!!) Keep in mind when I talk about Scrivener, I’m only referring to how I use it to produce my novels. There are lots of other options – Non-Fiction, Scriptwriting, Poetry and Lyrics – but I am unfamiliar with those steps. I’m in no way an affiliate, either – strictly a fiction indie author who highly recommends this program to interested writers.

Now, for today’s lesson, I’m using screenshots I took of my second book, Witch Hearts, as well as a shot of the upcoming second Donovan Circus book. (No spoilers.) Keep in mind in mind these are notes for your own reference, so you can put in whatever information you want; readers aren’t going to see this show up in your published books.

via Scrivener: Best Writing Tool in the Author Utility Belt | Liz Long.

Tools for Breakthrough

This past month, I found my workspace! And wow, does it work well. It’s called Scrivener, and as soon as I heard about it, I quickly found about 10 other writers and leaders who quickly chimed in on how much they loved Scrivener. I downloaded the trial, spent about two hours learning the software, and have now used it with great fluidity and ease for several weeks. It’s designed for the creation of written content. It’s a super easy to organize, super clean, responsive workspace for writing, outlining, scripting or anything you are doing with words on a regular basis. Here is why I’m finding Scrivener really great.

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Do any of you use Scrivener?

I’m about a third of the way through my first novel and have only just come across Scrivener. To be honest, I’m a little lost in my story and somewhat unsure as to where I’m going next.

I feel if I had known about Scrivener before I began that I would have a much clearer idea of where I’m going.

So do any of you use Scrivener for your novel writing? If so, how do you find it?

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