Idea Capture & Story Planning with Scapple

When I heard Literature and Latte had released new product for writers, I knew I had to give it a try. These are the same folks who created Scrivener and I don’t think there’s a better writing tool out there. So I headed over to their site:

And sure enough there it was, Scapple. $14.99 (30 day free trial also available).

Scapple? What the heck is a Scapple? Figuring they had used a play on a less than common word (like they did with Scrivener), I pulled up the O.E.D. and sure enough, “Scapple, v: To reduce the faces of (stone or timber) to a plane surface without working them smooth.” And that, my dear friends, is more or less exactly what Scapple does.

The idea is simple. All of us writers, pantsters and planners alike, like to jot notes down on paper. You planners out there might like your Pinterest boards, and note cards, and you might have walls covered with pegs and strings, and notebooks full of planning. I’m more a pantster myself so I mostly end up jotting ideas down in my moleskin or my iPad and then I transcribe them into planning documents that I make part of my Research folder in Scrivener.

So where does Scapple fit?

via Pat Haggerty: Idea Capture & Story Planning with Scapple | Romance University.