What this site is about

Everything Scrivener collects a wide-ranging selection of online news about Scrivener, the indispensable writer’s tool from Literature and Latte. If you write and don’t know about Scrivener, you need to. It is available in OS X and Windows versions (with an iPad version on the way), and is inexpensive. It will revolutionize the way in which you research, organize and write.

Scrivener offers amazing depth, functionality and integration. I am a long-time user of the program, yet have so much to learn. Gathering these online articles is one way in which I attempt to learn more about Scrivener, and putting them in this blog allows me to express my appreciation for the positive change that Scrivener has brought to me and thousands of other writers.

I hope you will consider Everything Scrivener your clearinghouse for information about the application. If you have questions about the program, or require technical support, you will find an enthusiastic community of Scrivener developers, experts and everyday users at the Literature and Latte site.

Here’s to better writing with Scrivener!

Barry Potyondi

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10 thoughts on “What this site is about

  1. Hi, Barry — I started using Scrivener only a year ago, so I’m glad to have found your blog. I think the combination of your blog and Scrivener for Dummies will help me to finally get the most out of the app. Thanks for your work on this.

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  3. Help! I downloaded a trial version of Scrivener, used it all summer. I am now returning to that project, which I had to put down at the end of July. I cannot find the project! Help. This is a ton of lost work!

    • Scrivener is quite amazing at backing things up or saving deleted files in the Trash. Before you do anything else, please contact the folks at Literature and Latte. Regardless of`what has happened, you’ll find them extraordinarily helpful.

  4. I came here after a pingback notification on my blog post yesterday about the program. I am just starting out with it now. I’ll no doubt be looking around the site here to see what others think of it and see what I might have missed so far.

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