5 reasons to write your thesis in Scrivener

Writing a thesis is painful. And it should be. But the pain should rest in wrestling with ideas and data not with software. Scrivener takes the pain out of the software side and ensures that your attention is always in the right place.

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How to Write Faster and Get Organized with Scrivener

Do you want to write faster?

Wish you could keep everything associated with your writing in one easy-to-access place that’s portable and searchable?

Consider giving Scrivener a try. Scrivener is writing software—with versions for both Mac and Windows—that’s customizable to the way you work.

When a friend recommended Scrivener to me several years ago, I wondered what it could possibly do that my standard word processor couldn’t. Boy, was I shocked! Happily so. I bought the software immediately and haven’t looked back.

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Scrivener, Two Months Later

Back in June, I published several posts on my experience with Scrivener (here, here, here, and here). At that time, I was still in my trial period phase with Scrivener and mostly I had imported a small project and done some tinkering.

Since then, I’ve purchased Scrivener and done several full-length projects, including some novellas, short stories, and novelettes. And I’ve come to a couple of conclusions.

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