Scrivener For Dummies available online

Great news from Scrivener expert Gwen Hernandez:

Scrivener For Dummies is out! Just in case you missed it, Scrivener For Dummies is now shipping from online retailers, is available in Kindle format (ePUB coming as soon as retailers decide to put it up), and should be on bookstore shelves in the US next Tuesday (Aug 21st).

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iHubbub Review For The Home Business Network

I’d heard a lot about Scrivener, mostly that it’s a brilliant, flexible package for writers and authors to help manage the creative process from start to finish, keep all notes and research ideas grouped together and let the creative juices start flowing.

So I dived and gave it a try.

If you’re working on any material, from books to screenplay and feel frustrated with Word or whatever software you’re using [maybe OneNote to keep your bits and bobs handy] you have just got to move over to Scrivener.

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