Editing auto-complete character list in scriptwriting mode

In scriptwriting mode, Scrivener automatically adds character names to the auto-complete list as you write. While this is for the most part convenient, it can prove to be a pain if you decide to change a character’s name, or accidentally type something formatted as Character & Dialogue instead of, for example, Technical Directions, as it will still be added to the list and appear in the options list every time.

If this happens, and you’re like me and want to keep things neat, you might feel the need to prune your auto-correct list. To do this, from the Menubar select Project/Auto-complete List, then in the pop-up window simply edit the list and click Save.


via Scrivener tip: editing auto-complete character list in scriptwriting mode | Martin Sketchley.

Scriptwriting with Scrivener (and others)

While I’d heard and read a fair amount of commentary about Scrivener — most of it positive — I knew as much about that program as I did about Celtx. Fortunately, right on the home page for Scrivener there was a big, above-the-scroll button labeled “Read More About It,” which, miraculously enough, took me to a page that explained what Scrivener does. (This now counts as a minor miracle in the modern age of attitude-driven technology.)

via Scriptwriting Software | Ditchwalk.