Five Things Tamara Ireland Stone Loves About Scrivener

I’m a Scrivener fan. I’ve talked with a lot of writers who are as evangelical about this program as I am (many even more so), and I’ve probably met an equal number who have tried it and found that it didn’t fit their needs. But from what I can tell, a lot of writers are still curious about it.

If you’re in the third camp, this post is for you.

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How to Write Faster and Get Organized with Scrivener

Do you want to write faster?

Wish you could keep everything associated with your writing in one easy-to-access place that’s portable and searchable?

Consider giving Scrivener a try. Scrivener is writing software—with versions for both Mac and Windows—that’s customizable to the way you work.

When a friend recommended Scrivener to me several years ago, I wondered what it could possibly do that my standard word processor couldn’t. Boy, was I shocked! Happily so. I bought the software immediately and haven’t looked back.

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The Ruby Slippered Sisterhood: Plotting with Scrivener

I am a plotter, not a pantser. I would no more think about starting a book without a plan for it, than I would leave my house on a long trip without my GPS. I’ve been a plotter for a long time, and it used to be that I kept all my notes, GMC charts, photos of characters, plot outlines and whatnot in separate documents for each book. Then I would create a great big fat Word document for the manuscript. And I would start writing the story at the beginning and end on the last page. Every book was written in a linear fashion.

Enter Scrivener, a word processing program that’s designed to help authors manage bigger works of fiction. I tried this program out about a year ago. And it’s changed everything. I honestly don’t know how I would plot or write without this software program. I mentioned this recently in a comment on the blog, and immediately my Ruby Sisters suggested that I write a blog. So here it is.

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