Organizing Festival Screenings with Scrivener

Figuring out what to see at a film festival as jam-packed as SXSW1 is a dark art I am yet to master. This year’s programmers have slated 132 feature films. If each one is 90 minutes (a fair average) it would take over eight days to watch them all around the clock. I’m only there for six…and I sleep. At any fest, you’re going to miss a large chunk of the films on offer. This year, I’m using Scrivener to help prioritize which films I’ll add to my schedule.

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Writer Unboxed » Test Driving Scrivener Software for Writers

I have spent my life dreaming of a clutter-free desk. Alas, I am a writer, and behind every piece of ‘finished’ writing I produce, there are hundreds of scattered post-its and index cards, scads of pictures, research binders, books, and file folders, all of which find their disorganized home on my desk or nearby surfaces. If only there were some sorcerer’s stone that would transform my dream into reality at the wave of a hand. Well, maybe there is, and maybe it’s called Scrivener writing software.

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