Scrivener tip (Mac) – Project & Document Notes

In a project of any length you’ll probably need to make notes along the way: things to look up or consider, little reminders, thoughts etc. Scrivener provides two ways to do this: Document Notes and Project Notes.

Both types of note are visible in the lower half of the Inspector pane. By default, when selecting an individual document in the Binder the Document Notes option is open, clearly distinguished by its yellow background – a bit like a sticky note, see? So if your note relates to this particular document, type it here. Great.

But things can get complicated.

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3 more reasons why Scrivener makes writing a book easy

Two weeks ago I blogged about how Scrivener was helping me to imagine all kinds of structural possibilities for my novel, because of the way it made setting up and manipulating the ordering of the scenes in my book so easy. This week, I’m going to cover off three other features of Scrivener that I love, and that are making me want to spend more and more time writing my book.

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iHubbub Review For The Home Business Network

I’d heard a lot about Scrivener, mostly that it’s a brilliant, flexible package for writers and authors to help manage the creative process from start to finish, keep all notes and research ideas grouped together and let the creative juices start flowing.

So I dived and gave it a try.

If you’re working on any material, from books to screenplay and feel frustrated with Word or whatever software you’re using [maybe OneNote to keep your bits and bobs handy] you have just got to move over to Scrivener.

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Scrivener for Writers

I’m in love. And it isn’t even Valentine’s Day.

About a year and a half ago–just after the birth of my second kiddo–I did something unexpected. I bought a writing program. I’m not even 100% sure how I found out about it. Although I think I may have heard about it from Robert K. Lewis. And his recommendations have never steered me wrong. Seriously. He’s the man.

Anyway, I was having troubles keeping my head straight and dealing with all these pieces in a complex manuscript I was working on. It felt like all the time I spent on my manuscript was me trying to make heads or tails of it, figuring out where I had left off, remembering what happened when, to whom, and where, who was doing what, what happened first, and basically spending my time “getting into it.”

So, I bought Scrivener* for something like $40. Then I spent about 2 precious hours that I didn’t have on taking their free tutorial.

I made that time up within a week.

Best time and money spent.

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