Capture ideas on the go with Index Card for iPad, iPhone

As an accompanying piece to my Scrivener article on February 25, I also wanted to mention Index Card, an idea-organization app available for the iPad and iPhone that syncs with Scrivener, making for an extremely versatile and inexpensive way of managing your ideas and writing on the go and then back at the office.

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Ease the process of complex writing projects with Scrivener

Scrivener is a writing application (for Mac and Windows) that combines a word processor with project management software, allowing you to create, structure, and edit any number of documents or reports within a single case file. The real benefit to lawyers is that you can also pull all research and client/case information into the same file. That is, Scrivener allows an attorney to keep all the information and content relevant to a particular client or area of law in the same place.

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Software for lawyers

Scrivener – this is sort of like a word-processor, and sort of like a project manager for writing projects. I can’t explain Scrivener here so I won’t try. Suffice to say if you write sophisticated documents (e.g. if you’re a lawyer) then Scrivener can revolutionlize your life. Everyone who gets over the hump of figuring out how to use it finds it indispensible. I’ve tried to explain Scrivener to several intrepid tech-savvy lawyers and they’ve all dismissed it, and not learned to use it. Too bad. There are several lawyers out there who do use it (not because I convinced them) and they all rave about it too. Just saying…

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