How to Create a Dazzling mobi Using Scrivener

Make sure you have your manuscript formatted in Scrivener. I suggest using very simple formatting.

Before you start the compile process, download KindleGen. Here’s the download link. Check the “I agree to terms of use” and download the version you need. You’ll need to unzip it. But you’re not going to use it—Scrivener is. Just be able to find it on your computer because you’ll need to point to it in Scrivener in order to complete your compile. And BTW, you just need to do this once: Scrivener remembers it on future .mobi compiles.

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Kindle Publishing: Scrivener Install

So far in our Kindle Publishing Series we have looked at offline writing tools, different niches to explore, and in our last post, a few popular computer based eBook creation tools.

For the rest of our series, we’ll use a popular writing tool called Scrivener, to create, edit and publish our eBook. This one program allows us to complete the whole project with one tool, to make it easier to follow along. Let’s get started.

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Step by Step Scrivener to Kindle Tutorial

There are many ways to get your content onto a Kindle. But it’s not so simple finding a way that produces satisfactory results. For Mythik Imagination #1, I used an .html template (shout out to Derek J. Canyon “Thanks for the template!”) and formatted by hand. It seemed to work pretty well, but is tedious if you have to do a lot of unusual formatting. For instance I needed a lot of italics, so it was a pain to add the many, many, many HTML tags by hand.

My goal was to find a program I could use to write all my drafts, then be able to export to send to the proofreader/editor, then paste in the final locked words, then export to a nicely formatted and professional looking Kindle file, ready for uploading. I think I’ve found a one-stop method of doing all that, using Scrivener.

via Mythik Imagination: Step by Step Scrivener to Kindle Tutorial.

Use Scrivener to Format an e-Book

You all know how I feel about Scrivener, but it is truly the best program for novelists out there.  For $49 it’s a steal and it is really not that complicated to use.  Today I thought I would show you how to format a Kindle .mobi file and an .epub file that is used on most other digital readers.

via How to Use Scrivener to Format an e-Book for Kindle and Nook | writingishardwork.