Scrivener for Writers

I’m in love. And it isn’t even Valentine’s Day.

About a year and a half ago–just after the birth of my second kiddo–I did something unexpected. I bought a writing program. I’m not even 100% sure how I found out about it. Although I think I may have heard about it from Robert K. Lewis. And his recommendations have never steered me wrong. Seriously. He’s the man.

Anyway, I was having troubles keeping my head straight and dealing with all these pieces in a complex manuscript I was working on. It felt like all the time I spent on my manuscript was me trying to make heads or tails of it, figuring out where I had left off, remembering what happened when, to whom, and where, who was doing what, what happened first, and basically spending my time “getting into it.”

So, I bought Scrivener* for something like $40. Then I spent about 2 precious hours that I didn’t have on taking their free tutorial.

I made that time up within a week.

Best time and money spent.

via Scrivener for Writers – Jean Oram (.com)Jean Oram (.com).