Serialize your family history

One of the reasons there are so many geneabloggers is that we have discovered it as the perfect platform for creating and presenting our family history one story at a time. Instead of waiting until I have all my research completed, when I have gathered enough on a person or event, I’ll write that story and publish it on my blog. Should I later find additional information, the article gets updated. I’m always surprised at how quickly those stories start adding up. And, those articles are easily accessible for repurposing into any number of other projects.

My two favorite authoring tools are the Scrivener app and the PressBooks platform. I have family history projects set up on both.

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Tools for the Family History Writer

I’m always on the lookout for a new writing tool, something to keep me organized and on target. Perhaps I’m secretly looking for a wonderful invention that will take away all the pains of actually sitting down and accomplishing the task. Of course, I learned that long ago there is no magic wand.I’ve tried a number of programs in the past and I always end up in the same place with a software program that complicates the entire writing process and creates more work and requires me to study a long dry manual to get started.  Enter Scrivener…..I wasn’t using this program long before I was soon singing its praises. Simply because there is no huge learning curve, you can be up and using Scrivener in a matter of minutes.Regardless of whether you are writing your family history book, a fictional novel, a how to book, a magazine article or series of blog posts, Scrivener can organize your projects into efficient and organized binders. Scrivener is a flexible and easy-to-use tool regardless of what you’re writing. I love Scrivener and I became an affiliate of the product. Ive also began creating a series of videos Scrivener for the Family History Writer. Each video helps you explore Scrivener getting to know Scriveners many features, all the while keeping the family historian in mind.

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Scrivener for the Family History Writer – Annotations

We are back with another video in our series Scrivener for the Family History Writer. Today we discuss inline annotations. A handy little tool to help you stay focused on your writing while not losing track of the added research, editing, social history and various other elements that need to be addressed but often distract us from the task of writing.

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Set Up A Family History Project in Scrivener

Scrivener [Mac - $45.00 & Win - $40.00] is a great app for any family history writing project. With Scrivener, you have everything you need – from research to writing tools – all organized in one place. This article looks at some options for setting up a family history writing project.

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Organize a Scrivener writing project

Scrivener [Mac -$45 & Windows - $40] is an incredible writing tool. It is not a word processing application although it does support writing, editing and formatting a document. It’s purpose is to provide writing support (planning, organizing, keeping your research and notes handy and managing the entire writing project). You can keep all of these things right in your Scrivener project file for easy reference at any point. Once you’ve completed writing your manuscript, Scrivener will compile it into any number of formats but you may then need to use an appropriate layout application to make those words, tables, graphs and images look great too. Yes, a family history project can be a massive effort, but Scrivener does a tremendous job of keeping everything organized and on track.

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Scrivener for Genealogists

If you have been considering writing about your family history, you need to watch the recording of Lisa Alzo’s webinar, Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists. Telling your family’s story just got a lot easier thanks to a number of cloud-based notetaking and writing tools and apps you can access from home, your netbook, iPad, tablet, or even your smartphone. I’m personally super-excited to use the Scrivener software she mentioned.

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