Scrivener and Textilus

Is there anyone who writes who hasn’t heard of Scrivener yet?

Scrivener is a word processor for large and complex writing projects: novels, screenplays, scripts, and the like. Instead of writing a single long stream of text, as you might do in Word or OpenOffice, it lets you break down your project into many small pieces of text (e.g., scenes). You can look at these in an outline view or in a cork board view; and you can attach notes and tags to any scene apart from the actual prose. You can edit the scenes individually, or all at once if you’re making global changes. In addition, you can add folders of additional material that are not part of the manuscript proper: descriptions of characters and settings, time lines, research materials and so forth. And then when you’re ready to publish as an e-book, or send the manuscript to a publisher, Scrivener can pull the whole thing together and format it just the way it needs to be. It’s a beautiful tool, and if you haven’t tried it it’s worth investigating.

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Scrivener: Part Two for Smashwords

I have finally bought Scrivener. I was working with the free trail for a while and decided that this software was definitely worth having. Working with has been interesting and so far fairly easy, so here I am at part two of my new adventure into the not so known… ( link for the post on (Scrivener: Part One )

I have uploaded one of my novels to break apart and read one more time before it goes to print and am slowly getting through reading it due to life’s demands. My next stopping place in Scrivener is the find and replace option.

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7 Self-Publishing Resources That Have Helped Me the Most

Self-publishing requires an immense amount of work. That’s not to say that pursuing traditional publishing doesn’t; it’s just a different kind of an immense amount of work.

In 2013, I was both fascinated and alarmed by the sheer amount of information I felt I needed to digest before fully committing to self-publishing. Once I figured out enough to go all-in, I kept learning as much as I could on-the-go.

These are the seven resources that helped me the most—and continue to do so—in self-publishing:

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Building an eBook, Part 1

I’ve had some people asking about creating eBooks using Scrivener. Personally, I find Scrivener’s eBook and ePub Compile to be quite useful, but you have to dig into the settings to truly pull out a quality eBook. Can you use the defaults? Yes. But if you spend a little time playing with the settings, your eBook will benefit and your readers will appreciate the effort as they receive something on par with what publishers are producing.

Since this is something more in-depth than what I normally cover, I’m going to do so in multiple parts over the next few weeks. This will also keep me from overwhelming you (hopefully) with a massive infodump. For this series of Quick Tips, I’m going to focus on Fiction. If you have a Non-Fiction Project, much of this will still apply.

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Kindle Publishing: Scrivener Install

So far in our Kindle Publishing Series we have looked at offline writing tools, different niches to explore, and in our last post, a few popular computer based eBook creation tools.

For the rest of our series, we’ll use a popular writing tool called Scrivener, to create, edit and publish our eBook. This one program allows us to complete the whole project with one tool, to make it easier to follow along. Let’s get started.

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Using Scrivener to Write and Publish an eBook

So you want to write and publish an ebook? Good for you! With the writing tools and online publishing platforms available today, there’s never been a better time to write a book.

Whatever kind of freelancer you are, publishing an ebook can only be good for your business. It shows you’re a thought-leader in your field. You wrote the book, clients will reason, so you must know what you’re doing. It boosts the visibility of your business, making every reader a potential lead. Finally, it provides a source of passive income. Once it’s written, the work is done.

Knowing how to write a book can be intimidating. Of course, if you feel unsure about your writing skills, you can work with a ghostwriter or editor to make sure your book reflects the high quality of work you do for your clients.

That said, I highly recommend giving writing a go yourself. You’ll find it hard to go wrong if you give Scrivener a try.

What’s so great about Scrivener? Scrivener makes writing a breeze. As well as providing one of the best writing experiences, it helps with the heavy lifting of giving your ebook a solid structure, and it will format your ebook ready for self-publishing.

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Scrivener Is Your Friend

One of the greatest benefits [of Scrivener] … is the ability to compile the book into an ebook without having to export to another program. I’ve read enough horror stories to know people have a hell of a time changing a writing document into the ebook format (.mobi, .epub, etc.), and was really glad I didn’t have to go through all that trouble when I bought Scrivener.

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Publish Your Own eBook

Literature & Latte’s Scrivener is a complete workflow software for writers. You start with notes, move into outline, fill in that outline, draft the text, complete the piece, and ultimately print or make a digital document.   More than word processing, it helps organize your materials and created content. You end up with a rich text file (RTF), PDF, HTML, ePub and Kindle formats. Scrivener is reasonably priced at $40 with a support structure of fellow users contributing to public forums as well as product programmers. Scrivener has both Mac and PC versions.

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Use Scrivener to Format an e-Book

You all know how I feel about Scrivener, but it is truly the best program for novelists out there.  For $49 it’s a steal and it is really not that complicated to use.  Today I thought I would show you how to format a Kindle .mobi file and an .epub file that is used on most other digital readers.

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