Scrivener Quick Tip: Compile for Synopsis

A powerful tool in the Scrivener arsenal, is Compile.  In version 2.2 for the Mac, this feature really takes on a whole new dimension.  With Compile, you are one click away from exporting your project out in whichever format you need.

Today I’m going to talk about Compiling for Synopsis.

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Write On! With Scrivener. – Pix and Pen

Back in December 2011, I mentioned that I had started using the Scrivener application from Literature & Latte.

However, looking back I was initially overwhelmed. I have a great chunk of text in Word that I wanted to push out as an eBook for the Kindle platform. The comprehensive options within the compiler (converting text to output file) were many and varied and took some playing with before I managed to get the output styling I wanted. Part of the problem I think was I had a preconceived idea due to using a converter program before, but persisting with tinkering with the options I achieved an elegant style that all my books from now on will follow.

via Write On! With Scrivener. – Pix and Pen.