How to sync Scrivener with any text editor (and go mobile too)

I’ve just spent the last hour or so transferring all the bits and pieces of my second novel into Scrivener, the popular writing app for Mac and Windows.

This is not my first time using Scrivener. After hearing lots of great things, I first gave it a try early last year. In the end, I felt that using one app to do all of my writing didn’t quite fit with how I work. It seemed too restrictive

I like to make notes on the go with Simplenote and have it sync to all of my devices (laptop, iPad and iPhone). I also like the simplicity of using plain text files in apps like TextEdit or iA Writer, again with documents synced to all of my devices via Dropbox. For me, flexibility is really important.

Scrivener seemed fantastic for those who write in the same place and on the same computer, but not for someone who likes to move around a bit more. I now know that I was wrong, and that with a little setting up, Scrivener can be used alongside any text editor and in any location.

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Word count targets with Keyboard Maestro

One of the many neat little things about Scrivener is its ability to set “target” word counts. Personally I waffle about what amount to shoot for all the time—my current feeling is that 500 is a good minimum because it’s fairly easily achievable (even easily surpassable).

But, I’m frequently not writing in Scrivener. Blog posts like this one tend to be written in Byword, and lately I’ve been using Ulysses 3 for shorter fiction. (Scrivener’s ability to serve as a collection bin for all kinds of research bits still gives it an edge over U3 for, well, long stuff that needs research bits.)

I realized not too long ago that I could hack together a “daily word count” system with Keyboard Maestro. It’s not as elegant as Scrivener’s; it doesn’t reset automatically, and it doesn’t give you neat progress bars. But it gets the job as I need it done.

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