Inserting Images in Scrivener

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about using images in Scrivener lately, especially from those interested in producing e-books. There are several ways to handle images in Scrivener, and I’ll provide a run down of the basics here.

First of all, the Windows version isn’t caught up yet on using image tags, so to insert an image into a project in Scrivener for Windows, you can either copy it from somewhere and paste it in, or import it to the Binder (outside the Manuscript/Draft folder) and drag it into the desired document.

This works in Mac as well.

Images in Scrivener are added inline, which means they’re treated like a character as far as word-wrapping goes. To resize an image, right-click and choose Edit Image (Windows) or Scale Image (Mac).

Mac users also have access to the image placeholder tag. There are several handy ways to use the placeholder tag.

more here - Tech Tuesday: Inserting Images in Scrivener | The Edited Life.

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3 thoughts on “Inserting Images in Scrivener

  1. Nice post, Gwen! Very informative and those placeholder tags are the way to go. I will be using your information to “spruce up” my chapter titles and scene dividers. Thanks…Mark

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