Writers Who Travel: Evernote, Scrivener & an e-Reader

I’m researching a book and it involves not just my travels, but interviews and original research as well.  I’m collecting all these different pieces of information and I’ll eventually sort and organize everything into a cohesive narrative (or at least that’s the hope).

So I need a solution that would store all of my notes, let me tag or import web pages, research studies or full pdfs, plus allow me to store audio files from interviews, and images from the field (useful for capturing things like a sign in Mandarin, when I want to remember the exact characters for later).  We’re talking about 500 tagged articles and studies alone, never mind my personal notes, images and any interviews.  A Word doc just isn’t going to cut it.  I’m traveling so printing is completely unrealistic (and I already have an entire suitcase full of print materials for this project, like my moleskins, hard to find books, movies and transcripts that I’m carrying around with me).

via Writers Who Travel: Evernote, Scrivener & an e-Reader | almost fearless.

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